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About us

Our company, which was incorporated in the year 2000, is dedicated to the handling and marketing of fruit and vegetable produce.
During this time it has become a reference for quality and food safety,
distinguished by BRC, IFS, Globalgap and Tesco Nurture standards.

We are located in Balsicas – Torre Pacheco – Murcia, in an environment that is privileged for its nature, agricultural production and its proximity to Cabezo Gordo; and very easily accessed by the Mar Menor motorway.

We currently possess 1000 hectares dedicated to the cultivation of fruit and vegetables, such as Melon, Artichoke and Lettuce, where the main objective is to produce high quality natural produce.

Each department employs qualified and experienced personnel, with an average annual staff of approximately fifty people. The company markets its products under the brand names of Greype, Perea and Imara, on both the national and European market, its main destinations being France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany. Its customers are very varied and diverse, ranging from the main Spanish and European markets to the large distribution channels.

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Greype has an exhaustive quality control policy in both the production and packaging stages of its fruits and vegetables.

Quality Plan

In order to obtain high-quality products, we are working intensively on the planning and documentation of fundamental controls, using integrated production techniques, respectful of the environment and with the reduction of waste.

We work with an exhaustive method of hazard analysis, known as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), identifying each and every one of the hazards that may be present at each phase of the production process, as well as the necessary controls to eliminate the detected risk.

According to the characteristics of the product, the quality plan includes the following:

⁃ Control of raw materials.

⁃ Flow diagram.

⁃ Control points in the process.

⁃ Control of foreign bodies.

⁃ Chemical analysis plan.

⁃ Control of finished product.


The production process is designed so that it is possible at each moment to know the origin of the product, date of transplant, date of processing, date of loading, transport and temperature.


Concern for the environment is present in all the phases of our production system; such as, for example, the elimination of surplus products and refuse, reuse and recycling of packaging, the use of returnable plastic boxes, etc.

Quality standards



Nurture is a specification for some supermarkets . The purpose of this standard is intended to encourage more green measures in their fruit and vegetable suppliers.


Global G.a.p.

Series of traceability and food safety standards, recognized worldwide for agricultural production ( plant and animal ) and aquaculture.


International Featured Standards

The IFS Food is a repository recognized by the GFSI for audit quality and safety processes and products of food companies.



BRC (British Retail Consortium ) has developed a set of global standards in the context of a product safety program and an international quality certification.


Your M&S

Provider of international society Mark & ​​Spencer.



The basic principles of the rule is to ensure quality along the entire chain , QS is an alliance for the control and quality assurance throughout all stages of food production ; the traceability of food and extensive monitoring by experts.

Member of



Sedex is a non-profit organization aimed at promoting responsible and ethical improvements in practices within supply chains.



Multisectoral association of manufacturers and distributors responsible for the implementation of barcode , RFID , EDI and electronic invoicing in Spain.