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This vegetable is very low in calories, whilst it is very rich in Vitamin C, especially the outer leaves. It is also an important source of Vitamin K together with other vitamins such as A and E.

Furthermore, it is composed of 94% water and provides high quantities of Potassium, Calcium and Phosphorus, which makes it an ideal food for weight-loss diets.

General information

This is an annually cultivated plant of an autogamous nature that belongs to the Asteraceae family (Compositae). 
The most important parts of the lettuce are its leaves, arranged in rosette; these are distributed in clusters and range from yellowish to green tones; the stem, branched and cylindrical in form; the root, which does not exceed 25 cm, and the seeds.

There are many varieties of lettuce, which are differentiated by the tonality of their leaves and by their shape.

  • Romaine

    laitue romaine

    This is a variety with a wide, long and straight stem. Its leaves are long and oval-shaped and are arranged on the stem in such a way that they do not form a heart.

    calendrier varietal

  • Mini Romaine

    laitue mini romaine

    Of similar characteristics to the romaine but smaller in size and with a sweeter taste.

    calendrier varietal

  • Iceberg

    laitue iceberg

    Round in shape and with large, tightly packed, crunchy leaves, green on the outside and whiter closer to the stem. It is shaped like a cabbage.

    calendrier varietal

  • Batavia

    laitue batavia vertelaitue batavia rouge

    Voluminous, uniform lettuce, with the ends of the leaves more or less frilly and with an abundant quantity of small interior leaves. It is sweet and crunchy. There are two types, red and green.

    calendrier varietal

  • Oakleaf

    laitue feuille de chene verte

    Its leaves are wavy, smooth in texture and voluminous. There are two types, red and green.

    calendrier varietal

  • Lollo Rosso double

    Salade Lollo Rossa double

    This is a curly lettuce, red in colour, voluminous and with a bitter taste. It originates is Italy.

    calendrier varietal

  • Lollo Rosso Triple

    Laitue Lollo Rosso

    Of similar characteristics to the Lollo Rosso but different in colour, since it is a much more intense and brilliant red.

    calendrier varietal

  • Lollo Biondo

    Laitue Lollo Biondo

    These are juicy lettuces, smooth in texture and crunchy, with a semisweet flavour. It forms a round mound of green leaves with wavy edges.

    calendrier varietal

  • CancanCancan

    Its leaves are smooth in texture, it is very voluminous, non-hearty, composed of numerous deeply-fringed leaves. There are two types, yellow and green.

    calendrier varietal

  • Broad-leaved Endive


    It is smooth-leaved and with a voluminous head. Its heart is full and it is easily blanched. It has a slightly bitter taste.

    calendrier varietal

  • Curly Endive

    salade frisée

    It is characterised by its finely curled leaves and, like the broad-leaved variety, is easily blanched and has a slightly bitter taste.

    calendrier varietal

  • spinach


    Is a set of smooth or curly leaves about 20 cm approx. dark green and shiny arising from a more or less branched than about 15 cm long stem

    calendrier varietal

  • Radicchio



    calendrier varietal

  • aragula



    calendrier varietal

  • Multi Leaf

    Multi Feuille verte


    calendrier varietal

  • Multi Red Coral

    Multi Red Coral


    calendrier varietal

  • Multi Lollo RossO

    Multi Lollo Rossa


    calendrier varietal

  • Multi Trocadero

    Multi Trocadero


    calendrier varietal

The figures salad


Salad consisted of 94 % water.

Did you know?

The salad reduces caloric intake of a meal. With 3 bowls into your contributions decrease of 12%.


100% of our products are traceable and have been produced in an environmentally.